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Our mission is to provide the best, most accurate, and always up-to-date information about cannabis in Thailand. 
We are a small team located in Thailand. Due to our location, we are at the source of information and events for your benefit.

Fly safe to get high in Thailand!

About US



Our content is mostly created by Tom. If you text with us on social media, you most likely talk to him either. 


He is doing all the technical stuff and working on the marketing strategy too. Nick is our weed connoisseur.


Mendel Menachem is our professional reviewer, and author of all the top quality content we publish. He is truly a Weed Professor.


He made himself a name  as Highchaimai and now he is going to improve the aesthetics and usability of HighThailand and keeps track of all the little details.


She is preparing for our first clothing drop and makes sure that everything we publish meets a certain standard.

About US

Let's go to the moon!

The industry in Thailand is just coming off the ground. Many potheads and weed lovers in the world don’t even know yet that weed is now legal in the beautiful kingdom of Thailand. So spread the word, spread our website, and let’s go to the fucking moon together!
We aim to build a community of weed enthusiasts to make all sorts of awesome ideas come to reality. So, stay tuned for more updates and functions. Please support us and check and like our social media channels below.

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About US

The long history of HighThailand

10th June 2022
The idea was born

From the announcement of the legalisation on the 9th of June on, the goal was set...Nick has to participate in this gold rush for one of his greatest passions. But since it's smarter to sell shovels than go for the actual gold, selling weed was not an option. Due to Nick's extensive knowledge of web development, it had to be something online! One day later, he got the idea to create an information portal for tourists about how to get high without getting in trouble with the law in Thailand.

12th June 2022
The team was complete

After the first spark, Nick was on fire for his idea and tried to find someone who might possibly share his vision, so he contacted Tom. From the first moment, Tom was on fire for this idea too. They have both known each other since their youth, and ironically, they got to know each other in some shady backyard business. Since there was nothing left that could stop them from making their vision come to life, Nick told his girlfriend Ae about his idea. And even though she is not into weed, she loved the idea too. So Tom, Nick, and Ae started working on their new baby, HighThailand.

9th July 2022
Launch of our website

After almost one month of hard work beside our main jobs, we managed to launch HighThailand on the 9th of July 2022. This date was an important milestone to hold for us, since it marks exactly one month after the legalization of cannabis in Thailand. Since the launch of the website, we have focused mainly on solving and polishing up the technical issues and, for the most part, on content. Adding locations to the map is really a hard job at the moment, since dispensaries pop up out of nowhere everywhere all the time these days.

31st August 2022
Mendel Menachem entered the booth

Hooray! We are proud to announce that Mendel Menachem joined our efforts. He is reviewing businesses and products for HighThailand in his unique Weed Professor way. This dude is not just reviewing stuff, he is taking it apart!

5th March 2023
Jay joined us

You might know Jay already as Highchaimai, we are very happy to announce, that Jay is now part of Highthailand. He is doing all the creative things and improve all the little details that make up a great thing.


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