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As we ride the wave of this green revolution, there are an astounding array of opportunities that we, at, are privileged to explore. We are talking about cannabis river cruises, cannabis-infused fine dining, cannabis-related beauty products and treatments, cannabis beverages in supermarkets, weed-friendly hotels, 420 tourist tours, bustling flea markets teeming with local growers and shops, flower tasting events, and so much more. There’s a world of cannabis experiences just waiting to be explored.

Media Collaborations

We are open for collaborations

We invite media outlets, content creators, documentary filmmakers, TV crews, podcast hosts, live streamers on Twitch and YouTube, and anyone with a desire to portray the vibrant cannabis industry in Thailand. We provide access, expertise, and resources that will give your content a unique edge.

Our collaboration opportunities:

  • Expert Opinions and Comments: Leverage our vast industry knowledge for your content.
  • Interviews and Panel Discussions: Engage with us or our industry contacts for in-depth discussions.
  • Documentary Access: Want to film cannabis farms, river cruises, or weed-friendly hotels? We can provide access.
  • Live Broadcasts: From podcasts to live streams, we are ready to take part in real-time participation.
  • Product Reviews: Get an exclusive look at new cannabis-infused products hitting the Thai market.
  • Tour Guides: Join us for curated 420 tours showcasing the most exciting facets of Thailand’s cannabis culture.
Media Collaborations

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We are excited to join forces with you in unraveling the multifaceted world of cannabis in Thailand. Together, let’s create content that informs, educates, and captivates.

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