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In recent years, Thailand has made significant strides in cannabis legislation. In June, the country removed cannabis from its list of illicit narcotics. However, this liberalization has also raised questions about the transportation of cannabis, particularly on domestic flights. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the legal situation of cannabis on domestic flights and airports in Thailand.

Legalization of Cannabis in Thailand

Every part of the cannabis plant became legal to possess in Thailand, including the tetrahydrocannabinol-rich flowers (“weed”). Extracts made from cannabis – such as edibles or oil – are legally required to contain less than 0.2% THC. However, it is crucial to note that taking cannabis bought in Thailand on an international flight is strictly prohibited and could lead to imprisonment.

Cannabis on Domestic Flights

The Airports of Thailand (AOT), which manages Thailand’s airports and sets the procedures for airport staff to follow, has provided some clarity on this issue. Passengers who wish to bring legal cannabis or cannabis products on domestic flights are advised to pack it in their checked baggage. The reason for this is that cannabis items carried on board must be inspected by staff from the Narcotics Control Board and would cause a delay during security checks.

The Office of Narcotics Control Board will still undertake inspections of “cannabis items” at security to ensure that no extracts with high levels of THC – which are illegal – get on board. Passengers over 20 years old are welcome to bring cannabis flowers, with no limit on THC content, onto domestic flights but are strongly advised to pack them in their checked baggage. Cannabis extracts containing no more than 0.2% THC are also permitted, which should also go into checked baggage.

But we ourselves never encountered any problems or inspections when we had cannabis in the hand luggage on domestic flights within Thailand. Make sure to store your cannabis in an air tight container.

Important: Under no circumstances should you bring weed on international flights. This could lead to severe legal consequences.

Smoking Cannabis at Airports in Thailand

While the consumption of cannabis has been legalized in Thailand, it’s important to note that there are still restrictions on where it can be consumed. Specifically, smoking marijuana in public places such as schools, temples, shopping malls, and airports can lead to a 25,000 baht ($750) fine or a three-month prison sentence.

Therefore, while you can carry cannabis on domestic flights within Thailand, smoking it at the airport is still considered illegal. It’s crucial to respect these laws to avoid any legal trouble.

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Yes, according to the AOT and our own experiences it is completely legal to fly domestically within Thailand with cannabis in your luggage.

There is no weight limit on weed that you can carry on domestic flights within Thailand. If you carry liquid cannabis products, the limit is 100ml as for any other liquid. Make sure that the weed is stored in a smell proof container.

It is advised to put your weed in the check-in luggage to avoid problems at the security check according to recommendations by the AOT. But we ourselves never encountered any problems when we had cannabis in the hand luggage on domestic flights within Thailand. Make sure to store your cannabis in an air tight container.

No, you should make sure that you do not have any weed, edibles, CBD oil or anything else made from cannabis on you when you leave Thailand. Do not try to smuggle weed to your home country. It’s not worth the risk. And even if cannabis is legal in your home country,, there might be an emergency on your flight and the plane has to land in Dubai or China, where severe punishment awaits you when you get caught with weed.


No, while Cannabis is legal in Thailand, the import of all kind of cannabis products is illegal without proper licences.

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