Dispensary of the Month

Ganjana is the physical manifestation of several personalities. It is first and foremost a place for growers to meet, to hang out and chat. Its purpose as a business is secondary. However, the customer experience is only enhanced because of this. The growers are so focused on the quality of their grows that they insist that customers first taste the flowers before buying. Smelling, touching, tasting are key and important to the experience for the growers—and each experience is subjective to the customer. The experience must be perfect, ideal and the best they can get. The Ganjana members are not out to sell their flowers, their intent is to share their art.

We highly recommend that anyone, anywhere in the world, who cares about cannabis visits Ganjana. In fact as I write this article, my partners and I are excitedly chatting about our next visit. Recently there has been much discussion about imports continuing to come in, with smugglers becoming more sophisticated by “washing” imported flowers at dubious farms and then passing off such imports as “Thai grown”. These products cannot be compared to the best of what Thailand has to offer, which can be found at Ganjana. The dedicated and educated toker who has a chance to see, smell, and touch the cannabis at Ganjana and meet the incredible people behind it, will know: Thai cannabis and cannabis culture are here to stay. The culture and flower will not take a back seat, they are poised to spread through the world.