Where is it?

You may have come from the raucous Kaho San Road and had had enough of the craze there; looking for a place to relax? All you have to do is slender to the next parallel road to Khao San called Rambuttri. Walking through this much quieter but still busy road and passing by Restaurants, Tattoo Shops, Pad Thai places, and Street Hawkers almost to the end of where Rambuttri meets Samsen Road, you’ll find a nice smaller but bright green Shop called Humbrid, right next to the famous Fu Bar.

The inside?

Opening the sliding door, you enter a well-decorated shop where the first things that catch your eye are their Merch and a large selection of smoking accessories such as papers, grinders, bongs, filters, and boards in various sizes.

Continuing on to where the action is, you’ll come to the counter, where our first impression was: wow, that’s a huge and well-chosen selection of buds. We counted about 30 different strains there, all neatly arranged with their specifications and prices displayed in front of each. The friendly staff invites you to inspect each strain and open the containers to smell and examine the beautiful buds. We had to think about it for a while before deciding on Wedding Cake, a hybrid of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa with THC levels up to 24 percent.

If you are unsure about your choice, don’t be afraid to ask the staff, who are happy to assist you and speak English fluently.

The satisfaction?

The transaction was quick, simple, and pleasant. Paying with a Thai QR code and chatting with the staff, we discovered that you can roll in the seating area just behind the counter, and you can even use their board, grinder, filters, and papers to build your weapon of choice. However, if you want to light up right now, you must go outside, just in front of the shop, where there is also a small bench. If this disappoints you, please return soon as they are working on a smoking area on the second floor where you can truly relax and enjoy your buds directly. If you finish your spliff outside and get a cotton mouth, they have a good selection of drinks.

Overall, this is a really nice little dispensary in a cool area with the most selection of buds starting from local ones at 250 bht up to high grade stuff with stet’s you down at 750 bht- saying that, and having tried the Wedding cake, which we were satisfied with, this is a well balanced for what you pay and what you get!