Koh Phangan

Located on the beautiful Island of Koh Phangan this is not only a Dispensary where you can choose from a fine selection of different strains, it is also a experience overall been a wonderful resort and a restaurant at a beautiful location in Sreetanu. Sit down at the restaurant to have delicious European food, enjoy the sea view have a chat with the friendly owners all a long smoking your favorite flowers

Also if you are looking for a nice place to stay on Phangan we can absolutely recommend their Resort: Seetanu Bungalows

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KHONE - A Dispensary in Paradise?
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A Place in Paradise

What do you expect from a Dispensary located on the beautiful Island called Koh Phangan? Certainly here you won’t find a guy selling weed out of a tiny shop or shack often the case nowadays on the Islands. What you will find here is a beautifully located Bungalow/ Restaurant run by a Belgium Family since 2011. A bit hard to find, you will need to take a small route out from the main Road in Seetanu, after 100M you will see the Entrance of Seetanu Bunglows where KHONE is located.

Walking through the green and well maintained Garden you already get the feeling of “Paradise”.  At the beach side where the Restaurant is located, you are probably craving for the Dispensary itself: KHONE. On the counter of the Reception the beautiful green treasures are lined up, with well described and with a clear menu and prices.

Maybe it is a good idea first to sit down study the menu and have a drink, a tasty Belgium Beer if you feel like, and just enjoy the beautiful breeze and sea view. If you think wow that’s the place to be; you can be lucky to choose one of their 17 Bungalows and live the life in Paradise.

We are Family

Having any questions surely you won’t be left alone as the place is run by a passionate family, with the son Sylvain managing the Resort and running the Dispensary. As a smoker himself he can surely assist you in choosing the type of bud or for which condition, which flower is the best situated for you and what you are looking for. He and his father Quentin are also highly knowledge about the whole plant and everything around it. For sure you won’t run out of topics and just enjoy such a high quality conversation at such a wonderful place. 

You can just relax here and be ensured that also you are supporting something good- as this is still a Family Business from the beginning with a friendly and warm atmosphere. Even the employees, which are a part of the family mostly working for the Resort for many years, have the Spirit of the whole Team behind this Resort and altogether they are FAMILY; which makes it much more valuable to support such a business. When I visited, a family came in to book a Bungalow; they returned after 8 years and the owners recognized them. You could see the joy and happiness they experienced.

What we Sell is what we smoke

Coming back to what we focus on: The flowers and it’s selection. At the moment we visited, there were 10 different strains in the selection along with some infused gummies. Starting of with some mixed trims at 300, with the menu and quality climbing higher and higher up to really potent strains at max. 800bht. What I really appreciated is that many are OG strains instead of the fancy names nowadays in the game. The names of these OGs: Nothern Lights, White Widow, AK47 and Skunks let your heart beat faster. This is showing that here someone is really passionate and knowledgeable in what they do and more important is what they sell and you as the customer can rest assured you are buying something good and worthy. 

Smoking themselves, Sylvan and his Father Quentin sample every flower by themselves before actually putting on the menu. Their slogan is – ORGANIC – NATURAL – QUALITY- and what’s on the menu is proving that. They wouldn’t put any unworthy flower on the menu. Also the process of choosing the flowers is done really precise and with passion, focusing to source ONLY local grown cannabis and having great contacts to local growers mainly in the south to support really the local scene. This is exactly what the scene needs now and on the Island here you can feel a bit more love and passion than compared to Bangkok where everything is and must be done quicker and more competitive. But these “different Scenes” is also what makes it more interesting and is important for the future of the cannabis industry in Thailand.


This lovely place (and its lovely owners) is NOT only a Dispensary it is a great place to relax and to talk about the passion we all share with real experienced and passionate people. Being that it is a full experience rather than just a place to walk in, buy and leave. Here you can spend valuable time and support a Family Business. Enjoy Drinks, Food, a fantastic Sea View, or just walk on the beach to smoke in Paradise- this experience is really worth it and if you are on Koh Phangan don’t miss the Dispensary in Paradise!

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