In today’s fast-paced digital world, it can be easy to overlook vital cannabis-related news unfolding around the globe. Whether it’s touching upon regulatory changes in America, legalization strides in Thailand and Europe, or the corporate dominance in Canada’s cannabis industry, myriad stories catch our attention. Here, we dive into five such significant yet probably overlooked cannabis stories. 

Firstly, the ongoing litigation regarding Cannabis Rescheduling in the U.S. by Attorney Matthew Zorn against the Biden Administration sparks interest. Zorn, disturbed by the cloak-and-dagger approach to cannabis rescheduling, has embarked on a legal battle. The US Health and Human Services Department (HHS) suggested the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reconsider the present cannabis scheduling. Currently, cannabis falls under Schedule 1, a category for substances as dangerous as heroin, but the HHS advocates for it to be reclassified under Schedule 3. Despite his strong pushes for transparency, Zorn’s Freedom of Information Act request was denied, leaving many unanswered questions.

Secondly, a controversial research report linking “Cannabis Use Disorder” with a 60% higher risk of cardiovascular diseases has been circulating. However, if you missed it, you haven’t missed much. The study merely finds an association, not causation, and the data limitation to adjust for tobacco smoking presents a significant bias. It’s a long-established fact that smoking tobacco poses a much higher cardiovascular risk than cannabis, making the omission of data extremely problematic.

Thirdly, over in British Columbia, Canada, the government is easing up on its formerly rigid cannabis regulations with some encouraging changes. Licensed producers can now offer samples to retailers, a development first seen at The Grow Up Conference and Expo. Though, sadly, customers cannot yet sample cannabis in retail shops, it’s a significant, exciting step forward. 

Moving to the southeastern reaches of Asia, an important development in Thailand might have slipped through the radar. Despite being the first Asian country to decriminalize cannabis, the Thai Government is now considering reverting legalization. The current Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, intends to restrict cannabis use solely to medical purposes, indicating a potential about-face in legislation. This policy flip could lead to a great loss for the country’s cannabis market, which was estimated to have a value close to $2 billion.

Lastly, there’s promising news from America with the SAFER Banking Act inching closer to realization. One week after its reintroduction, the Senate Banking Committee advanced the legislation to the Senate floor with a 14-9 vote. This move signifies a significant step towards cannabis reform in the United States.

In the rapidly evolving world of cannabis legalization and legislation, staying updated with these stories is crucial to understanding the unfolding global narrative. These handful of noteworthy stories deserve your attention, advancing the discourse around cannabis significantly. Stay tuned for more.

As a disclaimer, the opinions expressed in this article don’t reflect those of High Thailand.

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