Dispensary of the Month

“Beer” Masayavanich has far predated such “pioneers”, working in the cannabis space for the last 20 years. Dedicating himself to farming, drafting and legislating, looking for lost landrace strains, trying to salvage unique Thai genetics, and educating all in the Thai cannabis space. “Professor Beer”, who still remains a student of cannabis, has educated farmers and cultivators, politicians, social leaders and the marketplace in general. This has been his life’s work and this is evident in Sukhumweed and every company, industry, farm and person that Sukhumweed touches.

“Beer” has dedicated his life, his safety and his reputation to the legalization of cannabis. He has succeeded, but bares the scars, physical and emotional, of his struggle and is not finished. His products, the cannabis, Sukhumweed and all the related companies, are things of beauty. The Local Growers Club’s genetics are high quality. Suhkumweed is unlike any other cannabis lifestyle brand and experience in Thailand. Several lifestyle and cannabis culture brands and companies are becoming mainstream thanks to Beer’s efforts and name. These are not the results of an overnight success, these are the products of fighting, of hard work, of blood, sweat and tears.

Thailand’s tokers, Thailand’s growers, Thailand’s businesses, and Thailand’s people, are the ultimate beneficiaries of this hard work. Beer and Sukhumweed, and all they stand for, deserve their place as the faces of Thai cannabis. We at HighThailand highly recommend Sukhumweed for both cannabis and culture—we also tip our hats out of respect to the life’s work Sukhumweed represents.