Dispensary of the Month

Never Not High manages to have a relaxed, chill, warm and friendly atmosphere, while at the same time being incredibly neat, clean, professional, and adult. This is not an easy feat to accomplish, but Never Not High carries it off well. It has both the laid back personality of a cannabis lounge while maintaining a professional sleekness of an upscale café.

Never Not High understands the importance of locally grown cannabis. In the words of Khun Top, the dispensary’s curator and “cheerleader”, “we learned early that while there was some local excitement about imported weed, when foreigners came into our shop they only wanted local weed. This is the direction of the market, and we are proud that four months into legalization the quality of local weed is at the top. We are passionate about weed, we are passionate about growing, we are passionate about our customers, we are passionate about the community. This all fits together—and cannot fit unless there is localization to the cannabis which we are providing the community.”

Never Not High is a fine example of the beautiful, unique, and positive Thai cannabis experience and community. A community made up of folks who are truly passionate to creation and dedicate themselves to the industry through their own strengths. A community that understands that cannabis is a life enhancer—a gift from nature to supplement and aid our everyday activities. A community made up of artists—made up of writers—made up of thinkers and dreamers—a community made up of builders of society, not those who wish to tear it down. It is part of our diverse network which must be maintained and protected. 

Never Not High