Today, June 18, Public Relations on Cannabis posted on Facebook that the Director-General of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine must give his or her consent before cannabis can be sold to infants under the age of 20, nursing mothers, or pregnant women.

He emphasized that the 1999 Protection and Promotion of Traditional Thai Medicine Wisdom Act initially categorized cannabis as a “restricted herb.” Therefore, in order to carry out the act, the possession, consumption, storage, transit, export, research, and sale of cannabis must all receive preliminary approval.

According to Mr. Panthep, the Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has issued a directive allowing adults over 20 to use, store, transport, and sell cannabis immediately without a prescription in order to avoid any inconvenience while waiting for the legislation to change.

However, he continued, the new ban does not exempt public smoking, breastfeeding, or the selling of cannabis to minors under the age of 20. According to the old legislation, anyone who intend to do so must first acquire permission.

Finally, Mr. Panthep cautioned potential offenders that they risked up to a year in jail, a fine of no more than 20,000 baht, or both.