Grower: Terpie Garden

Rating: 4.3

Candy Pavé is the third bud I have tried from up and coming grower Terpie Garden. Terpie’s previous samples have been strong in fragrance with great effects.  Similarly, Candy Pavé has a strong and sweet vanilla, caramel taste with and slight orange hint. The taste, which is not as strong as the essence, is of a citrussy vanilla.

I had a hard time capturing the taste on lower temperatures of my vaporizer and found that the flavor came through stronger and smoother on higher temps (around 190 C). As a result I ended up vaping and then smoking quite a bit of this bud. The effects were strong and stoned—dipping down into the world of paranoia for a short period. This may be because of the copious amounts vaped. Once the paranoia wore off I found the effects to be very positive, happy, and stimulating and still very stoned. 

I recommend Candy Pavé for experienced users. The bud took me in some wild directions which I was familiar with and prepared for. A novice user may have panicked and probably would not have enjoyed the ride. Experienced users will know how to navigate the twists and turns of a strong bud like Candy Pavé.