Dispensary: Kanna Dispensary (Koh Phangan)

Rating: 4.3

Falcon 9, super green and fuzzy with little orange green hairs, is a really solid indica.  It has a great gassy and sweet smell—a classic smell—which will draw the user in. It has a sweet berry flavor which is carried by a very present gassy essence. Just a real nice all-round flavor.

The effects are not overwhelming at first.  A slight head high following by a slight relaxation in the body. I waited a bit for more effects to transpire but nothing happened, so I smoked a second bowl. After the second bowl a gentle but complete body high set in—leaving me happy and relaxed and very content with the bud. 

I would recommend Falcon 9 to novice and intermediate users. The effects of the bud will increase with the amount smoked and are not heavy to begin with. This makes Falcon 9 an ideal indica to learn from. Experienced users may appreciate the bud if they are looking for something to slowly smoke throughout the night before fully setting in with their high—which can approach (but never really get to) being stoned.