Grower: Mystical Grower 

Rating: 4.7

Nick, one of three personalities behind HighThailand, showed up on my doorstep before I took off for my new year’s holiday with a generous bud of Purple Lemonade and declared “this is my favorite these days.” The bud plump, purple and almost juicy looking was indeed enticing. The odor, a concentrated lime aroma with floral undertone, drew me in and moved this bud to the top of the queue. 

The flavor is delicious: tangy, smooth, lemony, with hints of lavender. The smoke is refreshing and coats the mouth with a tangy citrussy aftertaste.

Purple Lemonade is a strong strain which get into the body very quickly. Users will fee elated, dreamy, and light. Flighty, with the body seemingly floating in air. A deep relaxing feeling accompanied by a tingling which gets in the legs and buttocks.  While my body was very much completely chilled out by this bud, my mind remained clear, but I was not able to speak and that was ok.

Purple Lemonade is a connoisseur’s bud. The flavor, odor and effects are all profound and they are best experienced by a user with some buds already under his or her belt. Novice users would probably be thrilled with the flavors and odors—but may be overwhelmed by the deep effects. Like other superior buds reviewed in these pages, this is a strain to aspire to brought to us a grower who really know what he is doing.