Dispensary: Patpong Pharmacy

Rating: 3.5 leaves

Stalling through the shady soi’s of Patong Soi 2 I had to stop at the Pharmacy, which once was indeed a Pharmacy, now converted into a Dispensary. Checking out the almost empty enormous bright shop I am discovering White Widow. One of the OG strains I remember from my childhood and the scent is still stuck in my memories. These are exactly the smells which were memorized ages ago: Some citrus sweetness mix with abit woodiness and pine.

Lightening it up purely in a small water glass pipe the sweetness quickly disappears and turn into a typical earthy and skunkily pungent taste, comes along with abit of throat scratch. Overall quite an OG pure strain experience nothing fancy or compared to the GMO strains nowadays.

You don’t have to wait long until you ask yourself is this actually working? Quickly going up your head and creating a certain pulsation and your brain is in grip by Mr. White widow. Being a quite balanced hybrid some users experience either more sativa or indica highs. For me it definitely went down like a stronger indica, so leaving my head and going into the sedation of my body- but that was only the beginning of the end- approaching to chill and just lay down after a while a certain energy taking over my mind with a hint of paranoia. Controlling the situation after a while iam finally in a actaully nice more active high where my brain cells are dancing but also can concentrate finally on what iam doing.

As the THC levels aren’t that crazy (~20%) and also from the memories I thought to expect a chilled nice focused high- it turned out different. More like a hard bud which puts you in slow motion but well finally you will get the mind calm, the pain eased and the focus that you need to still function. Overall a real OG with potential effects but also abit diverse- at least for me. Saying that I’ll choose it more for daytime use instead a evening bud. It is still FUN and the most important it is OG.