Dispensary of the Month

The origin of cannabis sold at PHC is paramount and a key part reputation: “We monitor and we work with the farms that grow our weed. We want to make sure that they are growing the best possible weed for our customers. And we also want to make sure that the best weed is coming from Thailand.”

The Thai cannabis space is a diverse place filled with incredibly passionate people. Each dispensary reflects the personalities of their owners, their goals, their loves and their visions. While there is a diversity amongst the owners, there is a uniform love for fun and positivity amongst all who we have met.

PHC perfectly captures the personalities of the two artists, it is laid back, welcoming, high quality, humble and accessible.  We at HighThailand highly recommend PHC: the dispensaries, the philosophy, that “good weed”, and most of all those good people. Welcome, dear readers, to “Weed Society”.