Thailand’s Cannabis Future Network is making strides in its mission to push for the ongoing reading of the Cannabis-Hemp Act in parliament. The organization is now seeking 10,000 signatures on a petition to encourage the government to continue the crucial discussion surrounding the legalization of cannabis. This comes in the wake of recent changes in government that have caused the initial reading of the act to halt at Section 17.

Section 17 of the proposed act grants individuals the right to cultivate cannabis plants for personal use within the confines of their homes. Additionally, the Cannabis-Hemp Act aims to restrict the import of cannabis products for a period of five years, creating opportunities for domestic production and consumption. This move not only promotes self-sufficiency but also aligns with the network’s vision of harnessing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, drawing upon its historical usage in traditional medicine.

The Cannabis Future Network, in collaboration with individuals from various regions of Thailand, has conducted extensive research on the potential advantages of cannabis legalization. To foster an inclusive dialogue surrounding the Cannabis-Hemp Act, the network organized a talk in Chiang Mai, where participants discussed various aspects ranging from the establishment of a cannabis committee to regulations concerning both personal and large-scale cultivation. Further topics addressed include licensing requirements, renewals, and revocation conditions, as well as the sale of cannabis, advertising regulations, safeguarding minors, penalties, public concerns related to cannabis consumption, and initiatives for research and development in Thailand’s cannabis industry.

Network leader, Mr. Prasitchai, emphasized the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives to draft a comprehensive and well-rounded bill. He expressed hope that the newly formed government will prioritize the welfare and interests of the people by actively considering the opinions and insights shared by the Cannabis Future Network.

To amplify public support and gather a wider range of opinions, the network plans to embark on a nationwide tour, engaging with individuals from all walks of life. Furthermore, their aim is to collect 10,000 signatures on the petition, urging authorities to revisit and amend existing cannabis-related laws.

As Thailand moves forward in exploring the potential of cannabis legalization, the voices of the people advocating for change will play a significant role in shaping the nation’s policies. By encouraging a constructive and inclusive conversation, the Cannabis Future Network strives to pave the way for a more progressive future where the therapeutic benefits of cannabis can be fully realized.

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