The international drug market faced a blow following a groundbreaking joint operation between the Ahmedabad cyber crime branch and the Customs Department. Cannabis and cocaine with an estimated value of Rs 48.39 lakh, obtained through the shadowy web, were uncovered, ingeniously concealed within toys and books inside courier packages in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad.

According to the authorities, several international courier packages were intercepted and found to contain 2.31 grams of cocaine and 5.970 kg of high-quality cannabis, cumulatively worth Rs 48.39 lakh in the international market. The receiving addresses and numbers on the packages were counterfeit, making it tremendously challenging to trace them.

“This new dark operation saw the narcotics stashed in toys and saturated paper. Several receivers have been identified, and a thorough investigation is underway,” the official disclosed to the media.

Interestingly, book pages were immersed in the drugs, and once delivered, the substances could be extracted by finely cutting the pages. The authorities seized numerous such spiked books and toys, with two of the packages originating from Thailand and Canada. All of this makes us wonder whether making cannabis legal would lessen or even stop these types of operations altogether.

All recovered contraband was seized from Ahmedabad’s foreign post office. At present, efforts are made to identify the individual due to collect the packages. Fortunately, central agencies extend their full cooperation in the investigation.

The state government’s firm commitment to combating drug trafficking is indisputable. As stated by the additional commissioner of police (Cyber Crime), Neeraj Badgujar, “The state government is serious about the drug issue and is constantly encouraging and instructing us to eliminate this scourge.”

Being a cannabis enthusiast myself, it’s fair to question whether full legalization would end illegal trafficking. Perhaps, with cannabis legal in its natural form since 9th June 2022 in Thailand, a new dawn for drug laws might be on the horizon worldwide. Please remember though, as it stands, cannabis extracts and hash remain illegal. Thus, ensure you stay informed and abide by the current laws.

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