A man who was reportedly high on cannabis stole an ambulance parked at Bangkok’s Ratburana police station and drove it to a gas station. The unidentified 21-year-old, believed to have worked on a marijuana farm for three months, became addicted to the drug and suffered from hallucinations – his family had taken him to the police station for temporary detention until health officials could take him to a rehabilitation centre. The man, reportedly high on the drug, found the unattended ambulance with the ignition key still in the vehicle and drove it away. He later made an unsuccessful attempt to hijack a pickup truck before returning to the ambulance and fleeing from the scene. Following the man’s reckless driving, the ambulance was involved in a collision soon after. Police arrested the man who is now in custody facing charges. While there are still debates around drug use, particularly individuals abusing it, this event highlights the importance of proper rehabilitation, education and control of cannabis consumption. Addiction can happen to anyone regardless of their background or demographics, but it is not an excuse for breaking the law. Let us continue the conversation around the use of drugs and finding a solution that benefits both the individuals and society at large.
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