While the Cannabis-Hemp Act draft is still being adopted, the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine of the Ministry of Public Health will propose government laws for regulating cannabis usage to avoid recreational use.

Yesterday, June 14, Department Director-General Yongyot Thammawut told the media that the Department is compiling and developing rules regarding cannabis usage into a draft notification under the Ministry of Public Health. To prevent plant usage that could be endangering both human health and society, the draft will restrict the possession of individuals and community organizations for recreational purposes.

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While the Cannabis-Hemp Act is currently being implemented, the proposal will address the weaknesses. As the original candidate to lead the Protection and Promotion of the Wisdom of Thai Traditional Medicine Committee, Kiattipoom Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, will be proposed.

The next stage of the process will involve presenting the document to Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul. The regulations will be published in the Government Gazette and take effect right away if they are approved. The Director-General estimates that the writing process will take three to five days.

The Minister responded to the issue this afternoon, saying that he would consider what the draft had to offer but that the Public Health Act, which is presently in operation, contains the most of the limitations on cannabis usage. Anutin claims that there are regulations, so it’s not like there are none at all.

The working group, which meets twice a week, is now debating the Cannabis-Hemp Act as we want to hasten its adoption this session, the minister continued.

There won’t be a problem if everyone uses it sensibly and with the objective of using it for medical and health reasons. According to news reports, people are using it inappropriately; this was not the intended outcome of the decriminalization.