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Rating: 2 leaves

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Blue Dream Erawan is, as far as I can tell, a cross between the neo-classic Blue Dream strain and Erawan (a Thai landrace?). The buds are mildly fragrant with a piney and earthy odor and are dense to the touch. When the bud is broken up the smell remains the same without any additional strength.  When smoked the taste remains mild and pleasant, but unremarkable.

The immediate effect of this strain is a gentle head high and a slightly relaxed, sabai sabai feeling in the body.  This is very much a mild sativa feeling with the initial effects reminiscent of a haze, but which never develop into the happiness, creativity and fun of a haze. Indeed, I continued smoking this strain for quite some time waiting for more of an effect. However, the everything remained mild, undynamic and a bit boring. Blue Dream Erawan is perhaps the perfect strain to smoke while renewing a driver’s license, filing taxes, or being forced to go through a distant associate’s family albums. 

I am a huge fan of Blue Dream, which has a ton of personality and swings from creative sativa to lethargic  indica with quite a fun trip in between. I am also particularly passionate about Thai landraces and have enjoyed many of them. I am not familiar with Erawan, but would like to know more about it.  My conclusion about Blue Dream Erawan is that this is a marriage which should never have happened. Indeed, all the fun of Blue Dream has disappeared and I barely recognize him. Perhaps Blue Dream is better off with a mistress than a wife.

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Mendel Menachem

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