Grower: Kantry 

Rating: 4.4 and 4.5 respectively

Deluxe Sugarcane is the second strain I have sampled from Kantry. It is actually the second and third samples as they sent their #7 and #8 Deluxe Sugarcane phenotypes with a request that I review both. This is the first time that I have been asked to pick between two phenotypes, but I am up for any challenge. 

From an asthetic perspective 7 is superior to 8. Both buds are beautiful, dense and springy—with red-orange hairs jutting out everywhere on a super dusty white green bud. But the 7 has pockets of purple which really stand out.  But 8’s taste, odor and high are hands down the winner. #8 is dank, pungent, and gassy first and sweet second. Similarly, its flavor is gassy, pungent, sweet, earthy with a spicy finish.  A classic stoner odor and flavor. The high is strong, hitting the head first and then moving down into the body quickly in waves, which completely relax the body, mitigate pain, leave the brain numb, and eventually drift into deep stoned sleep.

7 is still a high quality bud. Indeed, both 7 and 8 burn beautifully with a pale grey almost white ash. But 7 is milder, more sweet than pungent in both flavor and odor. 7’s high is also less intense, never dipping into “stoned” territory—it is mild, laid back, happy and chatty.  It does not have the full body relaxation and blissful sleepy end which 8 carries.  Truth be told, I would never turn down either of these phenotypes but I would use them for different purposes. While 7 may be more appropriate for day time use and for less experienced users—8 is a gem which will delight the most experienced toker—before that toker happily slips into a happy deep sleep.

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Mendel Menachem

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