Grower and Dispensary: Dr. Green

Rating: 4.6

You can never go wrong with a classic—and while some of the derivatives of GSC have not always hit the mark, the original still has a special place in my heart and lungs. Dr. Green’s GSC has a pungent sweet herbal essence and a delicious piney taste with strong hints of sweetness. It tastes like a good sweet bud without tasting or smelling of diabetes.  

The effects are just so nice and so powerful: elated, destressed, unworried, giggly, fully relaxed, and hungry. As I transpose my notes to this article it is hard for me not to want to run and smoke the small remaining amount of GSC. It was just that good. 

GSC is strong and is appropriate mostly for experienced users. However, this neo-classic is in the canon of cannabis and should be experienced by serious students of cannabis. Novice users should try minimal amounts of this bud to understand, taste and feel this very important strain. My friends, don’t forget the classics.