Grower: Greenhill Organic

Rating: 4.6

This is the first time that Greenhill Organic has come to my attention, and they have put their best put forward. Their Runtz x Layer Cake is a beautiful super frosty, light green, springy bud with neon orange hairs wildly waving away. While the bud is pleasing to the eye, it is the diesel/gassy, funky ripe fruit aroma which makes this bud impossible to ignore. A dry pull reveals a candy banana flavor while combustion confirms diesel, fruit, candy flavors with identification of faint herbal traces deep in its lineage. 

The high starts with and engaged, focused, thoughtful, pondering, heady high. The type of high which is useful for problem solving, creativity, soaking life up and understanding complex issues.  But that high does not last—instead a deep relaxing and sleepy body high slowly and then quickly creeps on in—negating any creativity or ability to function.

I highly recommend Runtz x Layer Cake to all experienced users, but the bud is probably a bit overwhelming for novice users.  The bud is gorgeous, the flavors and aromas tantalizing, and the high swinging from pole to pole is fun. Adventurous novice users, take a couple puffs, but don’t stray too far from your couch. 

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Mendel Menachem

Mendel Menachem is a curious and well-known cannabis commentator in Thailand, with a particular focus on locally grown flowers and their growers. His unwavering support for the local industry has earned him widespread respect within the Thai cannabis community. Mendel also regularly reviews cannabis from throughout the country, which he expertly reviews thanks to his renowned palate. Follow him on Instagram