Grower: Green Space

Rating: 4.5

At first sniff I was a bit hesitant about Platinum Punch Remix.  Out of her package the bud looks like a beauty queen with long, bushy, green, yellow, orange and white coloring. But its odor was lacking, barely existing. All it took was a couple sticky pinches to dispel this initial shock. Indeed, once slightly manipulated the bud releases sweet, vanilla taffy odors. Once the bud is ground a sour citrus lime aroma is released, but this is secondary to that vanilla taffy aroma. The buds flavor matches the aroma with an added mild herbal flavor similar to grass jelly. 

PPR hits the head immediately leaving a light, flighty, dreamy and almost dizzying effect.  The head high is exclusive for quite some time before the body relaxes, but the user will be cognizant (until the user is not cognizant) that the high is mainly a heady one. The high is good for observation but not necessarily interaction. The bud is potent, and while I was happily watching and listening to the events around me—I had no desire to engage in them.

Platinum Punch Remix is highly recommended for experienced users.  Fans of creamy vanilla flavors and odors will be delighted by its flavors—as will fans of cerebral trippy highs. The bud is quite strong and I would recommend a maximum of one puff for novice users.     

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Mendel Menachem

Mendel Menachem is a curious and well-known cannabis commentator in Thailand, with a particular focus on locally grown flowers and their growers. His unwavering support for the local industry has earned him widespread respect within the Thai cannabis community. Mendel also regularly reviews cannabis from throughout the country, which he expertly reviews thanks to his renowned palate. Follow him on Instagram