Grower: ChokiChokiBoi

Rating: 4.3

Its been a while since ChokiChokiBoi sent through his samples, so I was eager to dig into his latest batch of samples. I gave the batch to Mrs. Mendel and told her to pick. She sniffed the group of three and picked out Super Buff Cherry #8, a deep dark purple long thin and dense bud with glimpses of green and white frosting. This flower has the pungent smell of overripe berries and flavors of herbal cherry cough syrup with a sweet, minty and somewhat bitter aftertaste. 

SBC8’s high starts off heavy, with a lazy and unmotivated feeling which seems to foreshadow a heavy stoned future. But instead the high plateaus and becomes more manageable allow the consumer to socialize, engage and even do some light work. But the best thing to do with this high is watch a good comedy, chill out and do very little. 

I recommend Super Buff Cherry to both novice and experienced consumers.  The flavors and aromas are strong and enjoyable, despite the bitter aftertaste.  The high is relaxed—with low motivation but without sedative qualities.  Novice users, as always, should come to the bud in moderation.

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Mendel Menachem

Mendel Menachem is a curious and well-known cannabis commentator in Thailand, with a particular focus on locally grown flowers and their growers. His unwavering support for the local industry has earned him widespread respect within the Thai cannabis community. Mendel also regularly reviews cannabis from throughout the country, which he expertly reviews thanks to his renowned palate. Follow him on Instagram