Dispensary: Cannabis Kingdom

Rating: 3.8

My partner Tom presented me a pre-rolled joint from Cannabis Kingdom in an attractive glass container. The joint, a half gram of Tangerine Jack, was neatly and professionally rolled. A dry pull on the joint revealed flavors of orange and cloves.  Once lit, the smoke was a bit rough with an orange and earthy flavor dominating. 

The effects of the joint were pretty relaxed and chill. I expected a burst of sativa energy, but that never came through, instead a pleasant body high peaked early and leveled off for a very manageable television session. 

Tangerine Jack is a good starter strain. The strongest effects are at the beginning soon after smoking the bud, but those effects level to a very mild and chill point. A point which a new user can use as a reference when moving on to more complex and stronger strains. Experienced users may find this bud useful when they want to smoke without getting fully high—something to add a bit of relaxation and mild high before moving on to other buds.