The General Department of Anti-Narcotics at Dubai Police has made remarkable strides in the fight against drug-related crimes during the second quarter of 2023. With a focus on apprehending individuals involved in drug activities and thwarting the distribution of psychotropic substances, the department achieved a major milestone by successfully apprehending 49.6 percent of the total number of drug-related suspects across the country.

Notably, Dubai Police’s efforts during this period led to substantial drug seizures, including the confiscation of a staggering 491 kilograms of various illicit substances along with 3,333,916 narcotic pills. The seized drugs encompassed a wide range of substances such as cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, opium, marijuana, and hashish.

During the General Department of Anti-Narcotics’ performance review meeting for the second quarter of 2023, chaired by Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, the newly revealed figures underscored the department’s instrumental role in ensuring the safety and security of the nation, safeguarding the community from the detrimental effects of drugs, and effectively combating drug distribution while apprehending dealers, both locally and internationally.

Lt. Gen. Al Marri commended the exceptional dedication and tireless efforts exhibited by the anti-narcotics teams, recognizing their vital contribution in combating drug-related crimes. Their unwavering commitment has yielded noteworthy results, as evident from the statistics shared during the meeting.

In an impressive display of international cooperation, Dubai Police collaborated with multiple countries in Q2 2023, exchanging significant information with nations such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, China, the Philippines, Kuwait, Germany, India, Greece, the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Oman, Qatar, Cambodia, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, and Nigeria. These collaborative efforts have been pivotal in combating drug trafficking both at home and abroad.

Due to the combined efforts, 28 suspects were successfully apprehended, and an additional 431 kilograms of illicit substances, including khat, cocaine, marijuana, and heroin, were seized during this period alone.

Furthermore, recognizing the evolving landscape of drug distribution, the General Department of Anti-Narcotics proactively detected and blocked 560 social media accounts that were promoting drugs. This preventive measure demonstrates the department’s commitment to staying ahead of emerging trends and employing technology in the fight against narcotics.

As a supporter of the legalization of cannabis, I believe it is important to acknowledge the efforts made in combating drug-related crimes. However, to truly address the issue, it is equally crucial to consider alternative approaches that focus on regulation and education rather than solely on enforcement. Through a combination of targeted interventions, responsible cannabis legislation, and comprehensive drug education, we can work towards promoting a safer and more informed society.

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