After photos of many vendors selling rolled marijuana on the streets and going viral on social media, Bangkok police are outlawing unlicensed “roll a joint” sales at Khaosan Road in Bangkok.

On June 29, the District police and the director of investigation at Metropolitan Police Division 1 inspected the road to ensure safety and convenience for tourists.

Wasan Boonmuenwai, the police chief of Phra Nakhon District, told the Associated Press that although selling marijuana was not against the law, this trader was unable to operate in this location because he set up shop on the sidewalk without getting permission and without registering his hawker stall.

“The installation of marijuana sales on Khao San Road is permissible, but it must register and abide by the district office’s regulations. There are currently no registered cannabis stores or vendors on Khao San Road. As a result, we advised the merchants to register their company first, according to the police.

The governor of Bangkok, Chadchart Sittipunt, also noted that free joint sales are causing alarm among many individuals. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s (BMA) functions are, however, somewhat constrained. The police may be primarily responsible for policing and enforcing the law.