In a step towards progressive change, Ghanaian policymakers have given their nod to a bill legalising the cultivation of cannabis for both industrial and health uses. This major breakthrough was announced by the speaker of the parliament, Alban Bagbin, during a session held on Wednesday. He stated that the Narcotics Control Commission Amendment Bill had received approval after its third reading.

This judgement follows a hurdle that arose when the Supreme Court struck down Section 43 of the law, declaring it unconstitutional. Section 43 of Act 1019 previously suggested that the Minister, backed by the Commission’s recommendation, could authorize the cultivation of cannabis, colloquially known as ‘wee’ in the region.

As per the law, this would not exceed THC content more than 0.3 per cent on a dry weight basis specifically for industrial purposes and for extracting fibre or seed for medicinal uses. The newly ratified bill now paves the way for corporations to seek licenses for growing cannabis that maintains THC concentration no more than 0.3 per cent on a dry-weight basis, as mandated by the law’s provisions.

Emphasising the potential giant leap for the local economy, the law suggests that the industrial-scale cultivation of the plant can serve purposes of fibre, seed or therapeutic uses. This pro-cannabis move puts Ghana in a strategic position to carve its niche in the multibillion-dollar global cannabis industry.

Aside from the likes of Uruguay, Canada, and Thailand, Ghana hails as one of the handful nations that have legally embraced the production of cannabis. It’s important to note that legalisation is not just about cannabis consumption—it’s also about job creation, potential medical breakthroughs, and economic growth. As a member of High Thailand, I applaud this bold and forward-thinking move by Ghana’s governmental body, and look forward to seeing the productive changes this new statute will hopefully bring.

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