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Check out our Thailand Weed Map, where we list all the dispensaries, bars, restaurants, head shops, grow shops, and more. 
We are adding a review function in the next few weeks too, and there are almost daily updates with new locations or updated locations.
At the moment, we are focusing mostly on Bangkok, but we will soon expand to other cities and areas. So stay tuned for more goodness to come.


Most questions about cannabis in Thailand

Yes as of 09.06.2022 stems, leaves and flowers including THC/ CBD content was removed off the list of narcotics. Be aware only the raw forms of the plant are legalized.

Yes it’s legal to carry raws forms of the plant (flowers including THC/ CBD content) in public. However other forms are not allowed or regulated- read our facts/ far for all details

Officially the legalization of cannabis in Thailand mainly for the medical use, recreational use as of now is tolerated. You need to be at least 20 and it is not allowed to use cannabis in public.

There are many dispensaries, restaurants, pubs, bars, medical clinics and online shops. We recommend only to buy from really official shops/ business for your own safety. Since the legalization it seems everyone selling, so be safe and avoid scams or tourist traps. Check our WeedMap for official shops.


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