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Australian fans of Cantonese-speaking comedians are in for a treat as Hong Kong comedian Chan Lok Tim arrives in Australia with his show “Still Surviving in Hong Kong,” which puts Hong Kong culture in the spotlight.

The show, which is performed entirely in Cantonese, is the first fully non-English show in the Sydney Comedy Festival. Chan will perform in Melbourne before heading over to Sydney, where he added two more shows when tickets for his original two performances sold out.

Chan’s coming-of-age tale humorously chronicles his life over the past 10 years, including a mix-up that saw him accidentally eating a drug-filled cookie before a work Zoom. He shares stories of growing confidence as a performer and building up his career over the past 12 years by performing stand-up every week, producing shows, and teaching comedy in Hong Kong.

Chan Lok Tim said his show is personal and not political, but performing political material is a fraught matter given that Hong Kong is going through a period of uncertainty over what can and cannot be said publicly. Despite this, he believes that the show will have the most resonance for Hongkongers, who will see familiar snippets of everyday life play out on stage.

As a stoner who supports the legalization of cannabis, I’m excited to see this kind of cultural exchange happening. It shows that language barriers can be bridged through humor and shared experiences, and I believe that cannabis has a similar power to bring people together. With Thailand recently legalizing cannabis, we can look forward to more cultural exchange and legal acceptance of this amazing plant.

Chan Lok Tim’s shows in Melbourne and Sydney are sure to be a hit, and I hope to see more comedy and cultural exchanges like this in the future.

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