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Singapore has recently implemented the Saliva Test Kit at border checkpoints and roadblock operations to combat the abuse of drugs while Singaporeans or permanent residents travel overseas. This is to deter the abuse of drugs when Singaporeans or permanent residents travel overseas, as part of their ongoing efforts to combat drugs. Singapore residents traveling abroad during the Labor Day long weekend have been alerted to this recent development.

This tough approach and robust enforcement are Singapore’s way of ensuring that drugs are kept away from its shores as its citizens return from abroad, especially with data showing that Singapore had the third-highest international travelers going to Thailand last year. However, with the recent legalization of cannabis worldwide, Singapore is taking a stance to ensure drugs do not enter its shores. The country has taken this measure to deter its residents from abusing drugs overseas.

Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State for the Ministry of Home Affairs & Ministry of National Development, shared in his speech titled ‘Tackling Terrorism, Combating Drugs and Enhancing Rehabilitation’ that Singapore educates its anti-drug abuse advocates to speak against drugs and sensitize the public to the threat of drug legalization globally.

While the legalisation of cannabis was championed by Thailand’s Bhumjathai Party leader Anutin Charnvirakul and many countries are legalizing cannabis, Singapore takes a tough approach in protecting its citizens. In fact, Thailand has already removed “marijuana” and “hemp” from its banned narcotics list, making it legal to import the seeds of both cannabis and hemp plants into the country.

The Saliva Test Kits were also used by the Central Narcotics Bureau in operations at nightspots in Singapore to clamp down on illegal activities, including drug offenses, crime, and fire safety violations. Superintendent Lim Sze Yuk, Commanding Officer of Enforcement ‘G’ Division, shared that the testing capacity has increased now that the saliva test kits are portable and easy to use. It has helped officers make quicker assessments during operations.

The introduction of saliva test kits into the Central Narcotics Bureau’s suite of tools helps increase the testing capacity during anti-drug operations. It allows officers to choose to deploy the saliva test kits on the spot to supplement other factors before deciding to arrest a person. The tests are portable, easy to use, and have significantly helped officers make quicker assessments during anti-drug operations.

In a world where many countries are legalizing cannabis, Singapore remains firm in its stance against drugs. While this approach may seem harsh to some, it shows Singapore’s determination to ensure its citizens remain drug-free.

As a long-term stoner, I support the legalization of cannabis worldwide. However, I also acknowledge that Singapore has taken this approach to protect its citizens, and as a citizen, I respect that. The testing kits, in this case, have helped ensure that drugs do not enter the country’s borders.

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Avatar photoCalifornia Geneticssays:

wow, really? Singapore’s hardcore stupidity just never seizes to amaze. what one does abroad is NONE of your damn business. it falls under the jurisdiction of that country – and if your’e not breaking any laws of that country – you’re fine! That’s how it always works. But not for Singapore apparently. And its meek (supposedly “developed”) population – just keeps on taking this crap. Wake the fuck up people.