Mike Tyson and Ric Flair took the stage at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference to discuss their cannabis journey at the “Legends of The Ring & Their Journey With Cannabis” panel. During the sports discussion, Tyson suggested that NBA players should consume their brands, TYSON 2.0 and Flair’s Ric Flair Drip, following the league’s recent decision to allow players to forgo cannabis testing. Breaking news was announced by Chad Bronstein, of Carma Holdings, the parent company of Tyson’s premium cannabis line. Bronstein shared that TYSON 2.0 is partnering with five new countries, including Thailand, France, the UK, Germany, and Australia. He added that the team will be traveling soon to do the same in Mexico City, Argentina, Ibiza, and Jamaica. Bronstein revealed that people with cancer came to them in despair, and getting involved with cannabis saved their lives. Their plea promotes to legalize cannabis globally for medical purposes. Tyson and Flair have been vocal about how cannabis and psychedelics have helped them with depression, losing a significant amount of weight and returning to fighting. Both of them joked about cannabis, with Flair even leading the crowd in his signature “wooo!” chant. The plant did wonders for Tyson and others who have tried it. He expressed his contribution towards the story of how it saved the lives of cancer patients. He stressed the medicinal aspect of cannabis and reiterated on why it should be legal for medical purposes globally. “I just never drive because I smoke weed every day,” Tyson said, adding that using good judgment is crucial. It’s essential to have a clear frame of mind when driving, especially to avoid road accidents. Bronstein said that when Tyson and Flair “expressed to me that getting involved with cannabis saved their life, I introduced them to it.” Their story highlights the importance of cannabis and its medical properties, which are often overlooked. The partnership between TYSON 2.0 and five new countries is a significant step towards global cannabis legalization for medical purposes. Tyson and Flair have become outspoken ambassadors, spreading the word on the benefits of cannabis. Hopefully, their story will inspire others to try cannabis and see for themselves the wonders it can do for the body and the soul.
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