Dispensary: Huahin Weed

Rating: 3.0

Banana Punch, true to its name, gives off sweet odors of banana bubblegum which grow stronger when ground.  When vaped at low temperatures, the bud has a strong and sweet banana milkshake taste which gets bitter at higher temperatures.

Banana Punch is listed as a 50/50 hybrid, but for your dedicated correspondent the indica effects are far more evident than sativa. The strongest effects are felt on the body which relaxes quickly after vaping/smoking. This body high hits quickly and then plateaus. The plateau comes with a chill and alert mind, unmotivated but not debilitated energy, and a rested state. This plateau is a bit boring and users may choose to smoke more of the bud (or switch to a different stain), but at a certain point the user will also lack motivation as the plateau slowly dips into an indica descent leading to couch lock and sleep.

Banana Punch is a pleasant enough strain.  It tastes great and has no adverse effects.  But there is nothing remarkable about the bud and it feels more like a watered down indica than a true hybrid. Banana Punch may be a safe strain for new users, but its absence of character should make the experienced user cautious.  Banana Punch is the ideal strain for new users who want to take baby steps into an indica induced lethargy.  For everyone else, keep looking.

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Mendel Menachem

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