Grower: Fire Farms

Rating: 4.7

The starting point for this bud has to be the crazy dankness of it. My one, enormous and beautiful, bud permeated my entire apartment with incredible layered scents. The bud smells sweet for sure with fruity candy odors—but the bud is deeper than just candy sweet with skunky, herby and earthy layers. In the midst of admiring the bud I ran out to pick up some food delivery. When I re-entered my apartment, it smelled like I had walked into a high end dispensary. Super strong aromas of multiple strains were mixing in the air—but all these aromas came from that one bud. 

I can’t say enough about the quality of Fire Farms buds, the colors, the denseness, the curing, the manicuring and the attention given to each bud are second to none in the market. Candy Crush is dusty green with patches of bright orange hairs throughout. It is springy and sticky—the slightest manipulation of the bud emits those layered aromas into the stratosphere.  Candy Crush’s flavor is delicious, fruity (citrus, berries and even bananas), earthy and old school herbal and just a hint of spice. The flavor like the aroma is loud.  

The high is strong as would be expected. It immediately occupies the head, then flows down into the shoulders and body. Candy Crush takes over the entire body—leaving the toker euphoric, deeply relaxed and initially in a state of slow thinking and engagement. But thinking and engagement are shortly replaced with hunger and sleepiness. A snack and a comfy couch are inevitable. 

I do not think that I can recommend any of Firefarm’s buds to novices. They are just too strong, too nuanced, too developed and layered. These are not the things of virgins. But I would recommend that novice users look, smell, touch and fondle the buds to understand what is possible. These are things of art—aspirational buds for those new to our world. For experienced users . . . this world is yours!   

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Mendel Menachem

Mendel Menachem is a curious and well-known cannabis commentator in Thailand, with a particular focus on locally grown flowers and their growers. His unwavering support for the local industry has earned him widespread respect within the Thai cannabis community. Mendel also regularly reviews cannabis from throughout the country, which he expertly reviews thanks to his renowned palate. Follow him on Instagram

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