Dispensary: Fat Bud’s Weed Shop

Rating: 4.7 leaves

Critical Orange Punch is a beautiful and fancy bud: Plump and dense with multiple shades of green, orange highlights and reflective crystals. The fragrance is unforgettable with strong emanations of vanilla and tangerine which get only stronger once ground.  The taste is similar to an orange creamsicle with an added minty pine finish. It is a lip smacking delicious strain.

As mentioned in prior strain reviews, I have recently come to enjoy and appreciate CBD. For the sake of clarity, Critical Orange Punch is not a CBD strain; it is very much a significant THC strain.  However, using CBD has made me more alert to the complexities of cannabis effects which are so much more profound than just being high or stoned. Critical Orange punch captures these complexities along with a great clean high. Users will feel mentally fresh, thoughtful, creative and funny. A body high starts in the shoulders and gently melts down the spinal chord, lifting any weights off the user’s shoulders but still allowing the user to fully engage in work, tasks and enjoy the surroundings.  A good sativa, Critical Orange Punch will elevate the user’s senses, in particular with music, food and fragrances.

Critical Orange Punch is an excellent strain for both novice and experienced users. All users will appreciate the flavors, clean mental alertness, and the gentleness of the strain’s effects and high.  The bud is neither energetic nor lethargic, but clean and alert. It will heighten the user’s enjoyment of a normal humdrum day and is appropriate as a morning or midday strain.