Dispensary: Phuket High

Rating: 4.4 leaves

Forbidden Runtz is a pretty little strain. She is green with little orange red hairs highlights. The bud has a funky pungent odor mixed with a berry sweetness. The flavor is minty with an earthy but sweet aftertaste.

The first effects users will feel are relaxation, euphoria, giddiness, and flightiness. These initial effects are quite moderate, but then slowly slip into a deep relaxing body high. Indeed, users will go from a social happy high, to a super chill, and relaxed stoned feeling (with great hunger). Forbidden Runtz is an indica leaning hybrid and she feels that way.  The initial light sativa effects are enjoyable but fleeting. It is the indica side which dominates with a deep relaxed, but happy and aware stoned feeling.

I highly recommend Forbidden Runtz to experienced users looking for a good strain for staying at home, watching a movie, and just vegging out. Novice users who are looking for an indica experience should come to Forbidden Runtz carefully. It is not an overly strong strain, but it is powerful. Novice users can experiment with it, but I recommend they do so carefully and in moderation.