Dispensary: OG Dutch Cannabis Clinic

Rating: 4.5

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OG Dutch is an interesting place—the concept is coupling psychoanalysis with cannabis therapy. I sat down with the proprietor and smoked a pre-rolled Kerosene Krash joint with some lengthy discussion about cannabis. I am not sure if I was analyzed or not—but I am sure that I smoked some good week—good enough for that Koresene Krash to remain on my mind sometime after I smoked it.

Kerosene Krash, as its name suggests, is a pungent and gassy strain, with a nostalgic OG feel to it. When smoked the gassiness is coupled with an earthy flavor and the hint of a sweet aftertaste.  A very tasty and pleasant flavor for those of us who grew up with more pungent and skunky herb.

The effects are not as debilitating as the name or the pungent aroma may have you think. Kerosene Krash does have a pleasant and relaxing body high to it, but it is also uplifting, cheerful, and optimistic. A feel good relaxing bud which will not put you to sleep, but will put you into a relaxed mood to enjoy what you love. Or perhaps make you love and enjoy what is in front of you.  An excellent late afternoon bud—or bud for the cinema or television.

Kerosene Krash will for sure be appreciated by experienced users for its great odor, taste and effects. Novice users should carefully come to this bud. It is strong, but not strong enough to be prohibitive for virgins. Novice users who use the bud in small doses will learn to appreciate a full flavored strain with pretty great effects.

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Mendel Menachem

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