Dispensary: Never Not High

Rating: 4.5 leaves

Orange Sherbet is one of the stains grown at Never Not High’s own farm. The shop is deservingly proud of the flower which they have grown as an alternative to Sour Diesel. The buds are a deep and dense green with light crystal dusting and are sticky when broken up. Orange Sherbet has a strong sour citrussy smell reminiscent of a pink Florida grapefruit. There is more sweetness in the flavor than in the aroma, but the flavor is citrussy without a doubt.  

The effects are well balanced with an engaged and euphoric tilt. Orange Sherbet is a good social strain. Users will enjoy engaging with each other in their preferred choice of discussion or physical activity. Euphoria, happiness, chattiness, and the giggles are the pleasurable effects of this bud. It is a good time daytime or early evening strain.  

I recommend Orange Sherbet for both novice and experienced users. The strain is not so strong so as to put novice users off, but at the same time its developed flavor and enjoyable effects will leave experienced users happy and ready to engage in life.