Dispensary: Growland (Phuket)

Rating: 4.4 leaves 

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How can something be dark green and purple at the same time? Purple Fieza has a dark purple base with little green hairs covering and dusting covering the bud. It is an interesting looking flower, one that I am not used to seeing.  The bud itself is incredibly dense and very dusty to the touch. When broken apart the inside reveals a lighter but rich green. 

Natural fragrances of sweet dark berries, roses and spices strongly emanate from the bud. A dry hit reveals tastes of grape lollipops. However, when vaped, a strong breath cleaning menthol taste dominates with a fruity lingering aftertaste. When smoked, a grape gassy taste is more evident and is quite tasty.

Purple Fieza is a gentle indica which will immediately put the user into a deep relaxed, mildly stoned mode. Users will still be alert enough to engage in conversation and watch TV, but users will be far from stimulated and far from 100% brain power. Indeed, Purple Fieza is a fine strain to use for pain relief, or for winding down one’s day and slipping into a deep sleep accompanied by a pleasant tingling within the body.   

I specifically chose Purple Fieza because it was labeled as an indica and I wanted to wind down from a long day of driving. The bud did its job and gently got me stoned and gradually put me to sleep. The effects are pleasant and enjoyable.  The tastes and aromas are very unique and will delight users who look for exotic tasting buds. Purple Fieza is a great strain for experienced users looking for an indica which will get them gently stoned. It is borderline strong for novice users, but they may try the bud with a bit of caution.

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Mendel Menachem

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