Dispensary: Cannabis Khao Yai

Rating: 4.4 leaves 

While in Khao Yai I was able to take a quick but memorable trip to Cannabis Khao Yai, a wonderful shop which I will write further about in our dispensary review section. One of my goals in Khao Yai was to try a locally grown flower, and the kind bud tender pointed me towards their Amnesia. A strain I have come across often but never tried.

Amnesia has the look of a high quality sativa. A bit scraggly with thin flowers, but dense and dusty with a dark green color. These buds have a pungent earthy and slightly citrus smell—a very OG smell—a Generation X smell. The flavor when smoked is super smooth, earthy and strong, delicious, almost like a rich cup of coffee. 

Despite being a Sativa, I found Amnesia to be incredibly calming and relaxing. I was alert, happy and engaged, but I also was super happy to just chill and lay outside and enjoy Khao Yai’s beauty. After consuming Oreos, potato chips and a bag of gummy bears, I lay awake watching the clouds quickly drift by. That is until I was not awake. Sometime past midnight, my wife came outside to the patio to complain that my snoring was keeping her and the entire hotel awake. I retreated inside and continued a blissful sleep in bed. 

I really like Amnesia. It did not give me any sativa bursts of creativity or focus.  On the contrary, it chilled me out and relaxed me—and I welcome that. Perhaps it was the place and the time? Perhaps Amnesia is a mild strain which went with my mood—rather than taking me on its own direction? I am not sure. All I know is that it is a great strain and I would love to try it again. I highly recommend that other experienced users try it and revert with their own experiences. I see no reason why novice users should be wary of the strain, it is mild and chill with no adverse effects.