Grower: SuperBuds TH

Rating: 4.5

For those tokers who are motivated by taste, Red Velvet should be interesting.  The bud has a full and developed aroma of cream cheese icing, pepper, and cloves with a spicy, earthy, and sweet sour flavor. A Christmas like aftertaste which coats the mouth with a mulled wine flavor.

The bud is a strong indica which slowly brings the full body into a state of sleepy relaxation—ultimately reaching a point of incapacitation.  Red Velvet should be enjoyed near a couch—or even better a bed. It is relaxing, pleasant and happy but it will finish your night.

I highly recommend Red Velvet to experienced users who are looking for a good feeling indica. The bud is delicious and will gently put the user to sleep while enjoying, but barely paying attention to, the surroundings. This bud may be too strong, however, for novice users who may end up under the couch or table.