Dispensary: Fat Buds

Rating: 4.4

Towards the end of the year a generous shop sent me a message raving about the Compound Z they just got in stock and asked me if I wanted to review it. I excitedly accepted and waited in anticipation for the Compound Z to hit my lobby. When the package arrived a different bud was in the bag. I queried the shop and they confirmed that they decided to send me a different bud in the end. (In fairness to that shop, the bud they sent me was beautiful, highly rated, and one that I have gone back to 4-5 times). When Fat Buds Ricky put the bud in my hand and told me I had to try it—I didn’t let go, ran all the way home and smoked it.

Compound Z is a really beautiful bud—sparkly, dusty, greenish orange and plump.  Sweet and sour smelling with a skunky and menthol overlay. When vaped, a strong lemon flavor with a piney aftertaste comes through. This is both a fragrant and delicious bud.

Compound Z sets in quickly and pleasantly into the body. Users will feel relaxed, chill, and happy shortly after first taking in the bud. That high progressively gets stronger, getting deeper into the body, causing this user to be quite clumsy and uncoordinated, delving for a short time into slight paranoia before leveling off into a content sleepy feeling. 

Compound Z is probably too strong for novice users and I do not recommend any bud that hovers and flirts with paranoia for new users. Experienced users will, however, know how to navigate the twists and turns of a bud like Compound Z and will find the experience exciting though lethargic. 

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Mendel Menachem

Mendel Menachem is a curious and well-known cannabis commentator in Thailand, with a particular focus on locally grown flowers and their growers. His unwavering support for the local industry has earned him widespread respect within the Thai cannabis community. Mendel also regularly reviews cannabis from throughout the country, which he expertly reviews thanks to his renowned palate. Follow him on Instagram