Grower: Zaza Asia (20 mg)

Rating: 4.2

Edibles are not my thing. Expect me to open every review of an edible with this caveat. But Zaza Asia’s edibles look so pretty—I couldn’t resist their request that I try their edibles. The edibles, one Watermelon gummy and a box of mango gummies, arrived also at a particular time when I was suffering from some sort of cold, or flu, or Covid, or all of the above. Smoking was hardly an option.  The watermelon, a 20 mg piece, caught my attention with its pretty red and green colors. I ripped open the packaging—but knowing my limitation while at the same time considering my state of sickness, I decided that I would only each 2/3 of a piece. The flavor was nice—an expected candy watermelon sweetness with a bitter herbal finish and aftertaste.

Shortly after consuming the 2/3 piece and posting a photo of the candy on IG, I received a DM from Zaza Asia warning me that the watermelon pieces are strong and I should go easy.  A second look at the packaging revealed dosing recommendations of a quarter for beginners, half for intermediates, three quarters “WARNING! BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELT”, full piece “WARPED TO THE GALAXY”.  I exclaimed a series of expletives which I cannot repeat here (HighThailand is a family oriented cannabis magazine).  The immediate effects (within 20 minutes) were fantastic. My low grade fever reduced, the pressure on my sinuses subsided, my muscles relaxed, and I was in a much better mood. After about 45 minutes or so the high hit me—first with a euphoric relaxation.  But the high kept on getting stronger and stronger until it felt like I was concentrating on each and every action I had to take. I’ve never had to think so hard about brushing my teeth before. I debated going to sleep, knowing that sleep was inevitable and the only way to get through the high to the next day—but at the same time I suspected that I was controlling my own breathing consciously and that going to sleep would lead to oxygen deprivation and permanent expiration. I did fall asleep, only to wake up still high—high enough that I decided not to drive but take the MRT that morning for a meeting. 

The next evening I took the remaining 1/3 piece.  This time the effects were manageable—not scary or overwhelming—but still too strong and still a bit too much for my tolerance. This watermelon edible is for serious consumers of edibles—a little bit goes a long for a long time.  But the high is pleasant enough—before it isn’t. I plan to give it a third chance with a real micro dose. Indeed, I have come to the conclusion that when it comes to edibles I can only function in micro doses.      

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Mendel Menachem

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