In a major crackdown on drug trafficking, Assam police seized nearly 2,650kg of cannabis, known as ganja, during two separate sting operations, which led to the arrest of five people. This significant haul gives us a glimpse into the entrenched, underground industry of cannabis trafficking, which could potentially be reduced with steps towards legalisation, in my opinion.

It all started when the diligent officials of Guwahati police, acting on an insider tip, successfully intercepted an oil tanker hailing from Meghalaya. Subsequent in-depth inspection of the vehicle, conducted in the twilight zone between Tuesday and Wednesday, resulted in the recoveries of a whopping 2,640kg of the illicit substance. The hoard was stealthily hidden inside concealed compartments within the seemingly innocent oil tanker. This substantial seizure of cannabis is touted as one of the grandest in recent times, said a top cop on the case.

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The traffickers, caught red-handed at the scene, were promptly arrested, marking the successful culmination of this operation. Subsequent legal procedures have been kickstarted against the duo, informed the Guwahati police commissioner, Diganta Barah.

Meanwhile, Assam’s Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, publicly applauded the unwavering efforts of the police force in halting this illegal activity. However, it’s important to remember that while efforts to crackdown on illicit trafficking is commendable, there’s also a call for dialogue about cannabis regulation to undercut the black market.

In a parallel sting operation, another 8.8kg of cannabis was intercepted in the bustling town of Karimganj, nestled within the scenic Barak Valley. This led to the apprehension of three more traffickers, thus further denting the cannabis trafficking network operating in the region. 

Expressing gratitude for the guidance and leadership of the Chief Minister, the state police pledged their relentless strive to purge the state of drug trafficking. Such actions indeed showcase the might of the state police force, but it’s also worth considering: would regulated legalization provide the state a new way to control – moreover profit from – cannabis?

In other news, significant law enforcement actions took place in Delhi, Yeola, Mumbai and Ahmedabad recently, where illegal firearms, ammunitions and a variety of illicit substances including Mephedrone and hybrid cannabis were seized. Despite the successful efforts of local law enforcement, a larger conversation about drug regulation may be key in minimizing the prevalence and dangers of the illegal drug trade.

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