Actress Kelli Hollis, once recognized for her standout performances in some of Britain’s beloved TV shows, now relishes a novel kind of lifestyle. For the audiences who cheered for her stirring performances in the ITV soap opera Emmerdale as Ali Spencer from 2011 till 2015, Kelli presents a completely different avatar today.

Before Emmerdale, Kelli also exhibited her talent in the celebrated comedy-drama series Shameless on Channel 4. As the shop owner Yvonne Karib, she had a six-year stint, leaving an undeniable mark on the viewers’ minds. Yet, with the acting opportunities becoming scarce, Kelli resolved to pivot towards a completely fresh line of work.

Break free from the stereotypes, Kelli now breathes the Thai air as a successful proprietor of a chic ‘weed bar’. Having spent over a year in Thailand, Kelli recently took to TikTok to share her triumphs and transformation with her fans.

Thailand, having legalized cannabis for personal use, stands as an exception in Asia. As a result, cannabis dispensaries and ‘weed bars’ like Kelli’s have become a frequent phenomenon across the country, with over 8,000 licenses approved for the sale of cannabis.

Exhibiting no qualms about switching careers, Kelli is currently making the most of life in the tropical paradise of Thailand. The Emmerdale star remains in constant connection with her audience, sharing snippets of her avant-garde business journey.

Kelli’s bar is a popular party destination where guests mingle and groove, with the added allure of sampling weed. This certainly adds an intriguing twist to regular party experiences.

Interestingly, diversifying her career isn’t a first for Kelli. After her TV career took a downturn, she found employment at a café, as The Sun unveiled earlier. A fan, who recognized her at the café, was pleasantly surprised and shared with The Sun Online, “I couldn’t believe it when I saw her serving coffee – but she was really nice and took pics with whoever asked.”

Despite the drastic shift from acting to café work and now to the cannabis industry, Kelli has garnered an impressive following of over 100,000 on TikTok. The fans are eager to stay updated about her exciting life adventuring in Thailand and running her unique business.

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