When we think of brewery experiences or trips to globally renowned drinking cities like Bruges or Munich, we can easily visualize the complete package. However, one might be taken aback by the apparent hesitance of UK-based holiday firms – known for their entrepreneurial edge – to explore the ‘highly’ promising arena of marijuana tourism. At present, none of these companies offer travel packages that involve cannabis-centric experiences, and there seems to be no immediate inclination to venture so.

This scarcity may be underpinned by the polarizing perspectives on cannabis use – its safety, ethics, and effects are subjects of ongoing debate. As expressed by Bharat Gadhoke, the Head of Commercial at Aito, this division in views could potentially threaten their business, sensitive to backlash from dissenters. Our efforts to procure comments from leading operators offering trips to the United States, Jamaica, and Thailand — regions where marijuana use is largely legal or decriminalised— were met with collective silence.

This classic chicken-and-egg scenario, however, should not overshadow the clear commercial lucrative possibility of Cannatourism. Cannabis aficionados from the UK, already familiar with the global landscape, are taking the initiative to book their CBD-driven journey independently. Meanwhile, UK travel companies are yet to acquire the requisite knowledge or confidence to cater to travellers who may be open to such unique, herb-focused expeditions.

So, what lies in the future? As is often the case with emerging markets, the key is education. Travel agents based in regions such as the US and Canada, where cannabis use is no longer taboo, have effectively started promoting cannabis-inclusive options to clients seeking ‘legal’ locales. The Cannabis Travel Association International (CTAI), underlines this trend, proactively equipping its members with tools and information to confidently discuss and sell cannabis-centric holidays. On that note, they expressed a keen interest in increased collaboration with UK-based travel businesses.

The recent revelation that a majority – nearly 55% – of Brits advocate for more relaxed cannabis laws in the UK, coupled with the estimated five million adults who regularly consume the drug despite its prohibition, does make one wonder – Is it high time for UK holiday firms to inhale the cannabis trend and join this budding ‘green rush’?

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