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On the 9th of February the Public Health Ministry issued a new announcement in the Royal Gazette. This announcement specifies the presumed possession limits for consumption of narcotic drugs, including Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extracts from cannabis and hemp plants. According to the regulations, possessing over 30 grams or 30 milliliters of THC extract places individuals under suspicion of intent to distribute.

Many dispensaries openly sold cannabis extracts containing over 0.2% THC for 1.5 years now. It was assumed that this is due to unclear definition of consequences for disobeying the existing regulations regarding cannabis extracts. With this new announcement by the Health Ministry, the government wants to address this issue.

It’s crucial to understand that possession within the specified limits does not imply legality but merely does not presume the intent to sell. This announcement marks a significant moment for the cannabis community, urging caution and awareness as further regulations are anticipated.

This announcement serves as a stark reminder of the severe penalties for unauthorized sale, including hefty fines and imprisonment. The cannabis community is advised to remain vigilant, as this is expected to be the beginning of a series of regulatory updates.

We as HighThailand think that making/keeping cannabis extracts illegal, doesn’t make any sense when you want to emphasize medical applications of the cannabis plant.

This was brought to our attention by a social media post by Kitty Chopaka, give her a follow to stay informed about up and coming legal changes regarding Cannabis in Thailand.


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