Dispensary: Terpie Garden

Rating: 4.6

Blueberry Muffin is incredibly fragrant. I picked the bud up—gave it a good whiff and thought “damn, this smells like blueberry.” I pinched the bud and gave it a second smell and though “good God, it smells like a buttered blueberry muffin.” It takes a while to get over the amazement of the fragrance before moving on to the taste. I vaped the bud and found the taste to be mainly of menthol and pine with a hint of berries in the background, but with a delicious mouth coating aftertaste of blue berries which matches its essence.

The effects are positive but strong: happy, uplifted with a deep relaxing body high which will leave the user stoned (and hungry). A classic indica with little downside.

I highly recommend Blueberry Muffin to both experienced and novice users. All users will enjoy the essence and flavor of this strain. Novice users will be able to enjoy a relatively strong indica which will leave them sedated, but should not veer into the path of paranoia (though of course all experiences are subjective).