Dispensary: Blaze

Rating: 4.4

I smoked a Hawaiian Haze joint while on the Siam Smoke Session podcast. The bud was a great mid afternoon pick me up and put me in the right mindset for the podcast. 

Hawaiian Haze has a spicey mango fragrance and flavor which is tasty and refreshing. The effects are engaged, uplifted and chill. A perfect bud to be interviewed on and to calmly and clearly speak one’s  mind. My one regret is that I did not have enough to last the entire interview.

Hawaiian Haze is a bud which is appropriate for both novice and experienced users. Hawaiian Haze is an ideal first haze for new users to experience. Experienced users will immediately recognize the productive and calming effects of the bud and will be able to utilize this strain as necessary. All in all a very tasty and easy sativa.